San Carlos – Omura Student Exchange Photos

Aug 1 – 13, 2013:  Omura Students Homestay in San Carlos & Neighboring  Cities

Welcome Omura Students BBQ

Welcome Omura Students Picnic

Four Omura students visited San Carlos for their two-week homestay.  All had a wonderful time, making new friends, experiencing American way of life and improving their English.




July 11 – 20, 2014:  Scan Carlos Students Homestay in Omura, Nagasaki-ken

Having returned from the trip, one of our students commented that “It was quite possibly the bst experience of my life thus far.  I quite emjoyed my stay in Japan and really wish that it could have been longer, …”

P1060684 (1.5x1.13)       P1060693 (3x2.25)P1060702 (2.25x3)       P1060710 (1.5x1.13)P1060739 (1.5x1.13)       P1060755 (1.5x1.13)P1060769 (1.5x1.13)       P1060821 (1.5x1.13)

P1060844 (1.5x1.13)       P1060847 (1.5x1.13)P1060851 (1.5x1.13)       P1060870 (1.5x1.13)P1060885 (1.5x1.13)       P1060899 (1.5x1.13)

P1060914 (1.5x1.13)       P1060916 (1.5x1.13)

P1060935 (1.5x1.13)       P1060961 (1.5x1.13)P1060964 (1.5x1.13)       P1060987 (1.5x1.13)P1060991 (1.5x1.13)       P1060999 (1.5x1.13)P1070022 (1.5x1.13)       P1070049 (1.5x1.13)P1070059 (1.5x1.13)       P1070066 (1.5x1.13)P1070080 (1.5x1.13)

Aug 1 – 13, 2014:  Omura Students Homestay in San Carlos & Neighboring Cities

Welcome Omura Students BBQ

Welcome Omura Students BBQ

Three Omura students homestayed in San Carlos, Woodside and Menlo Park.   They really enjoyed visiting many places including Santa Cruz Board Walk, Pixar, San Francisco, Academy of Sciences, Exploratorium and many more.  At the end of their homestay, they all wished to homestay  longer.

IMG_8982 (1.5x1.13)

Greet Omura Students at SFO

Omura Students Arrival at SFO (1.5x1.13)

BBQ Party

IMG_8954 (1.5x1.13)        IMG_8951 (1.5x1.13)

IMG_8947 (1.5x1.13)

Visit to San Francisco

IMG_8968 (1.5x1.13)        IMG_8982 (1.5x1.13)Touched Golden Gate Bridge (1.5x1.13)

Visit to Pixar

Pixar (270x203)

Visit to San Carlos City Hall

IMG_8984 (1.5x1.13)

“Let’s meet again!” at SFO

IMG_8987 (1.5x1.13)