About Us

San Carlos Sister City Assn. was incorporated at a 501(c)3 nonprofit by the State of California on June 30, 1998.

Why a Sister City?   Because we connect hearts and minds!


At the heart of all Sister City programs is an agreement, signed by the mayors of each Sister City, confirming the commitment of each community to the Sister City program. Sister Cities agree to send and receive delegations of various types, including political and business leaders, arts and cultural representatives, educators, and technical experts because these exchanges promote cross-cultural understanding, municipal and technical cooperation, and business opportunities. Each Sister City is supported by a committee of volunteers who are committed to the goals and objectives of the program.

Our Mission:

 San Carlos Sister City Association (SCSCA) is committed to promoting global awareness, understanding and appreciation by creating exceptional opportunities and international partnerships for the citizens, businesses and organizations of San Carlos.  This is achieved through a variety of student, educational, cultural, business and economic exchanges that create sustainable, long-term international partnerships and business opportunities.

Our Goals:

To offer youth the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of multiple cultures by participating in a variety of Youth and Education programs.

To offer valuable hands-on experience that will help form bridges of international understanding and goodwill. In an effort to increase community outreach and participation, some events have been selected that have a mass appeal and transcend cultures.  Therefore, they have the ability to attract participants that may not necessarily have a specific sister city or cultural interest (e.g. Cherry Blossom planting, Mexico: Beyond the Cartel lecture).  Through this strategy, San Carlos Sister City is able to increase and diversify its membership and volunteer base as well as involve the public in the exchanges/activities that we develop and coordinate.